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"Global Justice and the Environmental Humanitites” CYCLE #2

With the beginning of the 2022 spring semester, the “Global Justice and the Environmental Humanitites” research network (2020-2023; collaboration with Roskilde and Aalborg universities) will start its cycle #2. The main themes of this year's cycle, with events held at AU, will deal with imperial/colonial histories and the roles they play in framing environmental justice claims.

The concept of justice has become a site for forging new transnational alliances between human rights campaigners and environmental activists. While environmental justice movements emerge from local struggles against dispossession or contamination, they have been classified as a global environmental justice movement, since they address the same sets of conflicts, share strategies and often confront the same multinational corporations. In light of these connections, the second annual cycle of the EHJustice network explores different notions of justice that inform environmental justice movements. On the one hand, these notions refer to a global scale in which the equitable allocation of resources across time within planetary boundaries is at stake. On the other hand, they operate within local geographies in which concrete struggles take place.

The conversations we’ll stage this year center on how global environmental justice claims are underpinned by narratives conjoining histories of colonialism and the rise of the fossil age with strategies and scenarios for transformative futures. The events depart from cycle #1 by addressing the temporal dimension of global environmental justice and considering how colonial/postcolonial trajectories inform mobilization and communication strategies in ongoing conflicts over resources, territories and the distribution of risks.

For more information, see the network webpage.