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Visiting Scholars

CEH hosts scholars and PhD students from other institutions for short and long-term visits. Due to our current budget, we cannot provide financial support for visitors, but we are happy to provide a lively intellectual environment, advice about housing, desk/internet access, etc. We strongly encourage all visitors to share their work with the CEH community by giving a talk at one of our lunchtime seminars during their stay. The details of all visits must be discussed on an individual basis. For more information, please email ceh@cas.au.dk

Future, present, and past visitors

  • Joana Formosinho, University of Copenhagen’s Medical Museion and Department of Public Health, Spring-Summer 2021
  • Franziska Dahlmeier, University of Hamburg, Fall-Winter 2020
  • Annika Capelán, Deakin University/Lund University, Fall 2019-Winter 2020
  • Zachary Caple, University of South Florida, Summer 2019
  • Ivana Bicak, Durham University, Spring-Fall 2019
  • Kefiloe Sello, University of Cape Town, Winter-Spring 2019
  • Desiree Kumpf, University of Leipzig, Fall-Winter 2018
  • Toby Neilson, University of Glasgow, Spring 2018
  • Michael Vine, Cambridge University, Spring-Fall 2017