Heather Swanson

2017.06.15 | Grants

Centre for Environmental Humanities receives interdisciplinary network funding

The Centre for Environmental Humanities (CEH) has been awarded a total of DKK 274.135 by the Committee for Research and External Cooperation at Aarhus University to grow its scope and scale. This expansion will be led by CEH Deputy Director Heather Swanson.

2017.06.06 | Calls

Call for Papers – Interdisciplinary Workshop

Towards a History of Paleoclimatology: Changing roles and shifting scales in climate sciences. Universität Hamburg, Hamburg 6-7 Sept 2017

2017.01.26 | Calls

1st CfP: Archaeology in a changing climate

Call for Papers for session on 'Archaeology in a changing climate’ at European Archaeologists' Association

Heather Anne Swanson, Assistant Professor

2017.01.20 | Lecture/talk

CEH’s deputy director Heather Swanson gave an invited lecture

CEH’s deputy director Heather Swanson gave an invited lecture, titled “Caught in Comparisons: The Geopolitics of 
Salmon in Hokkaido, Japan” as a part of Heidelberg University’s Environmental Humanities Lecture Series. For more about the lecture series, see here