The Aarhus University Centre for Environmental Humanities (CEH) is concerned with re-engaging the environment in disciplines such as history, religion, literature and media, ethics, archaeology, anthropology, education, and artistic practice – all with a specific interest in reflecting on present concerns in a deep historical perspective. In the face of the profound environmental crises that loom large in politics and the popular imagination, exploring the cultural interfaces of different societies and their surroundings, synchronically and diachronically, has attained a new urgency. The AU CEH aims to bring together hitherto isolated Environmental Humanities scholars at Aarhus University, and to provide a major longer-term catalyst for the diverse research conducted under its aegis.


1st CfP: Archaeology in a changing climate

2017.01.26 | Calls

Call for Papers for session on 'Archaeology in a changing climate’ at European Archaeologists' Association

Heather Anne Swanson, Assistant Professor

CEH’s deputy director Heather Swanson gave an invited lecture

2017.01.20 | Lecture/talk

CEH’s deputy director Heather Swanson gave an invited lecture, titled “Caught in Comparisons: The Geopolitics of 
Salmon in Hokkaido, Japan” as a part of Heidelberg University’s Environmental Humanities Lecture Series. For more about the lecture series, see here


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Felix Riede


Phone: 87162083



Heather Anne Swanson

Deputy Director

Phone: 87462954

Core Group Members


Felix Riede

Associate professor
H bldg. 4215, 129
P +4587162083
P +4560187382

Deputy Director


Nils Ole Bubandt

H bldg. 4236, 120
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Jan Dietrich

Associate professor

Jens Krasilnikoff

Associate professor

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Students from across the arts and sciences are welcome to participate in our activities.

Student Working Group

Want to be a part of the Student Working Group?

Contact Heather Swanson at ikshswanson@cas.au.dk

CEH Small Grant

Guidelines for applying for a CEH Small Grant


Applications for small grants can be submitted at any time. Please allow up to one month for a funding decision. Proposals will be evaluated by a committee composed of core CEH members.


A proposal should be 1-2 single spaced pages. It should specify the project’s relevance to the environmental humanities and its benefit to the AU environmental humanities community. It should include a one-page budget (including any other sources of funding). We will consider requests for up to 5000 DKK.


All staff and students at AU are welcome to apply. Funding can be used for research projects, as well as for conferences/events. Priority will be given to collaborative efforts that involve more than one CEH member. Co-applications from CEH members are strongly encouraged. Students applying for research funding must be working collaboratively with either a CEH member or their supervisor. We will also consider requests to fund Open Access status for articles, but in this case, we ask that at least two of the authors be CEH members.


If awarded funds, projects are required to acknowledge CEH funding in publications and presentation and to write a brief summary of the event/project for the newsletter, including photo(s) if possible. Funded projects are also encouraged to use the CEH logo as appropriate.


Proposals should be submitted as either MS Word or PDF files to ceh@cas.au.dk


If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact CEH at ceh@cas.au.dk