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The Aarhus University Centre for Environmental Humanities (CEH) is concerned with re-engaging the environment in disciplines such as history, religion, literature and media, ethics, archaeology, anthropology, education, and artistic practice – all with a specific interest in reflecting on present concerns in a deep historical perspective. In the face of the profound environmental crises that loom large in politics and the popular imagination, exploring the cultural interfaces of different societies and their surroundings, synchronically and diachronically, has attained a new urgency. The AU CEH aims to bring together hitherto isolated Environmental Humanities scholars at Aarhus University, and to provide a major longer-term catalyst for the diverse research conducted under its aegis.


Ivana Bičak

2019.06.24 | People

CEH Welcomes Visiting Scholar Ivana Bičak

Ivana is researching early modern animal experimentation and the dawn of bioethics

Tracing the history surrounding the river.
We followed the river from Brabrand Lake to its mouth in Aarhus Harbour, shown here.

2019.06.14 | Workshop

Workshop sets stage for future collaborations

From June 11-13, 2019, the Centre for Environmental Humanities held the Masterclass “Water, Society, and Ecologies: Towards Situated Knowledges of Flows and Models”, a pilot workshop for a PhD course in collaboration with the University of Cape Town scheduled for February 2020. The workshop was centered around Aarhus Å, giving participants a…


Tue 20 Aug
12:00-13:30 | Nobelparken 1451-216
CEH Lunch Seminar: The Wood Storks of Lake Somerset: Multispecies Ethnography of the Holocene/Anthropocene Boundary Event
A lunch talk by visiting scholar Zachary Caple
Tue 10 Sep
12:00-13:30 | tba
CEH Lunch Seminar: Animals and Anatomists - An Early Modern Encounter
A lunch talk by visiting researcher Ivana Bičak