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Who We Are

CEH is housed within Aarhus University’s School for Culture and Society (CAS) and receives financial support from both CAS and external grants. The centre, which began formally in 2016, emerged out of several earlier research projects, including Aarhus University Research on the Anthropocene and C3Net. Today, it seeks to build a broad network of scholars who are committed to exploring what the humanities can contribute to conversations about pressing environmental issues.

One of our central goals is to foster interdisciplinary collaborations not only among humanities scholars, but also between the humanities and other fields of research, such as the social sciences, natural sciences, and artistic practice.

While CEH is a research centre, it sees environmental scholarship as intimately and necessarily connected to worlds beyond the university. We thus welcome participation from members of the public, as well as from scholars in any discipline. We also see education and research as inseparable, and we thus support an expansion of environmental humanities teaching, as well as the active participation of university students (BA, MA, and PhD) in CEH programming.

Core CEH members enact the humanities in a diversity of ways. Some focus on ethics, language, and perception, drawing on frameworks from fields such as philosophy, literature, and media studies. Others engage in empirical investigations of institutions and landscapes, inspired by approaches from anthropology, archeology, history. We are enlivened by our methodological and analytical plurality as we learn and work across boundaries.