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The Aarhus University Centre for Environmental Humanities (CEH) is concerned with re-engaging the environment in disciplines such as history, religion, literature and media, ethics, archaeology, anthropology, education, and artistic practice – all with a specific interest in reflecting on present concerns in a deep historical perspective. In the face of the profound environmental crises that loom large in politics and the popular imagination, exploring the cultural interfaces of different societies and their surroundings, synchronically and diachronically, has attained a new urgency. The AU CEH aims to bring together hitherto isolated Environmental Humanities scholars at Aarhus University, and to provide a major longer-term catalyst for the diverse research conducted under its aegis.


2021.06.18 | Research news

CEH to host new Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow

With the research project "Wool Worked Worlds: Studying industrial landscapes through collaborative filmmaking"

2021.05.06 | People

The CEH welcomes virtual PhD fellow Joana Formosinho

Joana’s research centres around the concept of the holobiont.

'Fencing nature in' by Jodi Marr (Flickr, CC BY-NC 2.0)

2021.03.10 | Events

Owning Natures: Property, Ecology and Conservation

This series of CEH events will explore the relationships between ecologies and property regimes.


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