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Visiting Scholars

CEH welcomes visiting Environmental Humanities scholars on all academic levels from around the globe to come and stay with us, be it a few weeks or a few months. Hosting visiting scholars has proven to be mutually beneficial as these scholars bring with them refreshing perspectives that challenge and sharpen us based here at AU. Important to this hosting arrangement is the commitment CEH holds to academic pursuit; we see scholarly work as deeply interwoven with the person, and we seek to honour this dimension by providing intellectual exchange that is positive and convivial.

CEH hosts scholars and PhD students from other institutions for short and long-term visits. Due to our current budget, we cannot provide financial support for visitors, but we are happy to provide a lively intellectual environment, advice about housing, desk/internet access, etc. We strongly encourage all visitors to share their work with the CEH community by giving a talk at one of our seminars during their stay. The details of all visits must be discussed on an individual basis. For more information, please email ceh@cas.au.dk

Current, upcoming and past visiting scholars

  • Melissa Jarrell, University of Nevada, Spring 2024
  • Joshua Ozymy, University of Nevada, Spring 2024
  • Gabrielle Fenton, University of Louvain-la-Neuve, Spring 2024
  • Rianne Riemens, Radboud University, Spring 2024
  • Femke Vulto, University of Oxford, Fall 2023
  • Beatrice Barlozzari, University of Perugia, Fall 2023
  • Leonardo Nolé, City University of New York, Spring-Fall 2023
  • Wendy Chua, Humboldt University of Berlin, Spring 2023
  • Charles Zerner, Sarah Lawrence College, Spring 2023
  • Hannah Reeves, Birkbeck, University of London, Fall 2022
  • Bárbara Bastos, University of Pisa, Fall 2022
  • Mathilde Knöfel, University of Bologna, Fall 2022
  • Isabela Noronha, Unicamp, Brazil, Spring-Summer 2022
  • Elliot Hurst, University of Stirling, Scotland, Spring-Summer 2022
  • Joana Formosinho, University of Copenhagen’s Medical Museion and Department of Public Health, Spring-Summer 2021
  • Franziska Dahlmeier, University of Hamburg, Fall-Winter 2020
  • Annika Capelán, Deakin University/Lund University, Fall 2019-Winter 2020
  • Zachary Caple, University of South Florida, Summer 2019
  • Ivana Bicak, Durham University, Spring-Fall 2019
  • Kefiloe Sello, University of Cape Town, Winter-Spring 2019
  • Desiree Kumpf, University of Leipzig, Fall-Winter 2018
  • Toby Neilson, University of Glasgow, Spring 2018
  • Michael Vine, Cambridge University, Spring-Fall 2017

Becoming a visiting scholar

If your work revolves around the environmental humanities, or if you would like to have scholarly engagement with those invested in the environmental humanities, please send the following information to Heather Swanson (ceh@cas.au.dk).

Description of your research interests: 

Info for new and visiting scholars

For visiting scholars, we want to help you navigate the practicalities that come when settling in at Aarhus University. For a comprehensive overview of starting life at Aarhus University, please visit Aarhus University’s International Services: 

Note: For longer term stays (more than 90 days), It generally requires a minimum of 2 months notice to become a guest researcher at AU, as it takes 7-8weeks to process work and residence permits.