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EH Groups and Networks

The groups and networks on this page are open, dynamic and actively welcome new participants. While many AU research projects and their connected groups and networks often have events that are open to the public—so check their offerings—such groups and networks tend to be organized around grants and established project teams. On this page, you can find our current and past groups and networks. There is no need to come with any background or knowledge around the topic, and you are welcome to join in any of these below groups and networks based on your own motivation. Similarly, the same open principle also applies to the events listed in the CEH newsletter. 

Active groups and networks

National Network


The Network for Global Justice and the Environmental Humanities: Transformative engagements between academia and civil society is a collaborative network between Roskilde University, Aalborg University and Aarhus University, seeking to strengthen the environmental humanities in Denmark and its links to civil society. 

Past groups and networks